Let’s start at the very beginning.

It’s a very good place to start!

We proudly state that ShipX is a Multi-Enterprise Collaborative technology platform for the Transportation and Logistics vertical.

OK, so that sounds like a mouthful. But what does it even mean?

Let’s start really, really at the beginning!

Humans in their early evolutionary forms perhaps began their communication journey through sounds and gestures that acquired common meanings for the sender and recipient. It is easy to surmise that this would have been an iterative process and would eventually lead to the spoken word and language as we know it.  (And this spoken word/language continues to evolve!)

The need to ‘communicate’ among entities who were not in visual or auditory range would also have been felt with human evolution. Etching of pictures and symbols would eventually lead to the evolution of written language as we know it, thereby significantly expanding the scope of communication. (And this written word continues to evolve!)

As the human race continued to evolve and moved from the hunter-gatherer to the agricultural/pastoral age, onwards to the industrial age and subsequently to the tech-pervasive digital age of today, there has been the emergence of non-human entities in the form of companies/organizations- which though comprising people, effectively have a ‘life and a purpose’ of their own- when viewed through an anthropomorphic lens. These entities have always needed to and will always need to ‘interact’. The spoken and written words that serve for humans does not quite work, here!

So why is this Interaction necessary? Is this interaction the same as ‘communication’?

Individual humans have as a part of society evolved by honing certain skills of theirs at the expense of other skills, leading to them playing increasingly specialized roles in the world today. I do not grow my food, make my clothes, build my house, make all the million other things that I deem as necessities by myself.  The same specialization argument holds for a non-human entity such as a Company too. Thus, for any entity (human/non-human) to exist in society and thrive, they need to rely on working with/ interacting with an incredibly large number of people/entities.

Clearly two entities will want to interact only because they both benefit by doing so! This is a fundamental economic reality. It is this economic basis of mutually beneficial interaction that we term as ‘collaboration’.  Thus, collaboration is clearly more than just communication!

With this definition in mind, let us look at what we mean when we say ‘Multi Enterprise Collaborative technology platform for Transportation and Logistics’.

Breaking this phrase down, helps us understand that this is not a collection of nice-sounding buzz words. Here goes:

  1. Multi-Enterprise: Who is participating /collaborating with one another? It is not individuals but Enterprises or Companies. (Yes, these companies are staffed by individuals, but the collaboration is in the context of benefits to Enterprises). So, this is a B2B platform
  2. Collaborative: Enabling collaboration. Every entity that participates on this platform does so only because there is economic benefit to itself. It is not coerced into doing so. When an Entity collaborates with another, both stand to benefit. Collaboration is NOT a zero-sum game.
  3. Technology Platform: A technology ‘platform’ is like a weapon-system (but with a constructive end in sight!). You can arm this platform with different types of weapons that will achieve different Enterprise objectives. These weapons are -in-a-sense- solutions to different business challenges.

And what are these business challenges? Keeping in mind our whole discussion around Specialization by entities, we (ShipX) as an Entity, have specialized in understanding the narrow worlds of Transportation and Logistics and world-class technology product building.

Let us keep one thing in mind as we go along. What is today deemed to be ‘mutually beneficial’ will possibly become ‘unavoidable’ tomorrow!

In the next blog we will discuss the all-important dimension of collaboration a little more….some history, some current practices, and some ‘looking ahead’ – especially in the Transportation and Logistics business!

Stay tuned!